Well done at a glance

Well done at a glance

In 1991, a large member of the building industry was added to what is now known as the Construction and Development Group. This group started its activity by providing urban building maps and after 15 years of experience in recruiting experts and experts in the industry, in 2007, realizing the growing need of the housing market and the desire of the builders to use materials and appliances. Quality set up production of construction products and, in line with this mission, set up a small building joinery unit, which is now a 5,000 square meter factory in Pakdasht, capable of producing all kinds of standard joists and light blocks (Lika). ), And with a production capacity of 1500 m Wes has become.

Then in 2010, he launched the UPVC Double Door and Windows Production Line in a factory with an area of 8,000 square meters, located in Garmsar Industrial Town, and keyed the production of these doors and windows under the trademark "Vienna Sam". The premium quality of these products is such that today a significant market share of this product is assigned to this brand And with the growing accumulation of experience and complementation of a team of highly trained engineers and capable of delivering unique services and high quality products and accurate and efficient consulting, it has been able to establish "accuracy", "speed" and "trust" as its attributes and give customers confidence. By working with this development team, they can save time and capital and achieve the desired results.

The Construction and Development Group is now determined to continue its journey in the building industry with seriousness and to maintain and enhance its position among leading and successful companies by maintaining and enhancing creativity and innovation in its products and services.


  • Maps of Urban Buildings and All Services on Demolition and Renovation Licenses, Permitted, Unfair and Completed
  • Interior design and decoration
  • Services for municipalities, electronic services offices and affiliated offices
  • Introducing Licensed Engineers
  • Mapping and recording